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A Dozen Reasons to Work with INOVIT – Explainer Video Company

Consistent Rates

Our prices don’t fluctuate. Rather, our rates are fixed, no matter what the project entails. This helps customers remain within budget.

Remarkable Styles

The methods we use our ones our clients are familiar with. We use various animated styles, including ones based on 2D/line-drawn graphics and 2D sketches.

One Step at a Time

We provide a guide that walks you through each step of the process. As such, we are able to be thorough and practical with every project we take on, and never at the expense of quality.

We Have Produced over 500 Videos

Our portfolio includes over 500 videos that have been produced for 200 different businesses worldwide. We have the experience to determine what kind of video is right for your company.

Fast Turnaround

We finish projects within expected turnaround times and work without delays during each product phase. Your project comes with a specified delivery date, and you’ll also be kept abreast of each phase’s completion.

Input for Every Phase

You’ll have an opportunity to provide feedback throughout each phase of your project. This gives you a sense of control over your experience – you can offer input while a project is happening for improvement’s sake.

We Are Strategic

Over time, we have endeavored to enhance and perfect our methods. Our systems for project management optimize the services we offer. Our video production company prides itself on its efficiency, simplicity, and speed.

In-House Staff

Your project is created by our experienced staff under one roof. That way, everybody involved is able to communicate and work with one another quickly and directly. This preserves the vision and high quality of your video throughout every stage.

International Service

Our video production agency has worked with all kinds of companies in over 10 different countries. This is feasible for us, thanks to our system for project management. Our company enjoys creating videos for clients no matter where in the world they’re situated.

Total Package

After hiring us, you’ll find that all features and services used are included in the fixed price you pay. Also included is a consultation meeting you’ll have with our staff, as well as project particulars like HD formatting, animation, sound effects, scriptwriting, voiceovers, and design.

Our Experience is Unparalleled

Our staff is comprised of professionals in all kinds of fields. We have a team of illustrators, project managers, animators, copywriters, and customer service agents. Our Video production company works like a well-oiled machine, which is the reason why we are able to create such high-quality content. Best of all, the videos we create meet the objectives of our clients, who, in turn, recommend our explainer video company to their colleagues.

Customer Service

Outstanding service is something we take great pride in providing for customers. It is our belief that each customer should receive nothing short of the best service. INOVIT agency’s support team answers inquiries and provides a simple, efficient, and creative response. Each service we provide is customized with the intention of presenting the best product and service we can. You’ll be offered a diverse assortment of video illustrations, all in high quality. This will help you optimize your project’s creative and commercial effect.



Are the explainer videos INOVIT produces customized?

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What’s So Special About Animated Explainer Videos?

Before order video content we have some strings. How and why order video from professional vodeoproduction company.

Animated videos are ideal for business aspects that are troublesome to explain or sell. This is particularly applicable to services and products. Best of all, they are more effective than other presentation methods – non-animated videos included. For instance, if you are a website developer or work with contextual marketing, then an explainer video can shed light on:


  • problems experienced by targeted customers;
  • company benefits;
  • how the company operates;
  • case studies with figures;
  • and more.


It can be quite challenging to display traffic growth – that is unless an animated video is used. You can visualize just about anything you want with an animated video, which is what makes it superior to traditional explainer videos.


Eye-catching characters and lively animated cartoons stimulate powerful emotions. They produce a unique atmosphere that keeps an audience engaged while capturing their attention. As such, an emotional element is added to rational debates, improving the effect desired. It’s more interesting and simpler for an audience to stay with the flow of a storyline if positive emotions are involved. When this happens, details of the video are more inclined to be remembered. Also, animated videos have a connection to marketing tools to a lesser degree than traditional videos. That’s why explainer videos that are animated do not come across as obtrusive or irritating.


Explainer videos aren’t limited to whatever’s in a script. Animated characters can sing, dance, fly, and adorn all types of costumes. The setting can transpire anywhere in the world and at any time in history. Animated explainer videos create an opportunity to present a product using inventive storylines.


These kinds of videos make it simple to elaborate on complex matters, creating memorable imagery while appealing to your target audience’s feelings. Explainer videos are capable of successfully solving real-world issues, enhancing rankings on search engines, and offering increases in conversions, sales, and leads!