Startup Videos

If you’re getting ready to take the leap, a great video will help you soar. You’re probably scurrying around growing your team, creating awareness of your product and/or service, and totally focused on building an audience. Producing a video will increase your momentum and get you where you’re going all that much faster.

A video is an essential part of any marketing strategy today. An explainer video is the easiest way to convey your company’s story, products and services while turning website visitors into paying customers. A company overview video with testimonials can pull in the talent you need for your team while a compelling commercial can carve out a niche for you in the marketplace.


Startup Videos: What Are They? Here Are Five Important Features


These pervasive and brief videos have surged in popularity over the years. A lot of marketers use them to improve their marketing endeavors. You should, too. Let’s look into the main characteristics and features of start-up videos:


Brief: animated videos are generally 60 to 90-seconds long. They shouldn’t be any longer than that. Short and sweet equates to straightforward content.


Basic: start-up videos are concise and simple. They adhere to a traditional narrative structure in order to convey an understandable and coherent script – the beginning is the “what,” the middle is the “how,” and the end is the “why.”


Focused: explainer videos must focus on a certain audience and what their issues are. These are the people who will watch your video, and therefore, are the ones you should be approaching. An impactful testimony will be generated for the start-up’s proposal.


Characters: funny, engaging, and cute characters bring emotion, personality, and humor to a story.


Colorful: videos that are animated tend to have company colors branded onto them. This reinforces the identity of a brand while triggering its recognition for viewers.


Our company has produced countless videos for various clients worldwide. We do so using a single premise: personalizing each video to accommodate a client’s target audience, marketing goals, and niche. It is our belief that using templates to make videos are detrimental and could sabotage a marketing strategy. On the other hand, a personalized video that grabs the attention of the viewer quickly and retains their engagement will achieve optimal results.


In Closing

Now that you’ve read these considerations and tips, you’re ready to have a marketing video created for you. Allow us to make a memorable and engaging animated video for your company! 

If you’re interested in having videos for your start-up business developed, contact us. We will navigate you through the entire process. Our company prides itself on focusing on each client’s specific needs.

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