Video Ads

Motion Design Solutions that Promise Excellent Conversions

Video Ads - Motion Design Solutions that Promise Excellent Conversions

Description of a video ad and why they are used:

A video ad is footage created to market your services or products past your current customer base. It can aid in acquiring the focus of potential customers and promote the benefits of the service or product to them. Granted, video ads are hardly a new concept. However, modern technology has upped the ante, as far as marketing goes. Video ads can target specific demographics using online ad platforms, zeroing-in on a certain audience at a calculated time.

illustration for 2d animation explainer video - MountainWestFoods

Advantages of video ads

1. Progressive focusing
The biggest advantage of video ads is that you can broadcast them to a particular market. YouTube gives businesses a way to filter out audiences by age, location, gender, and more!
2. Assured engagement
The greatest aspect of choosing a market to focus on is the boost of exposure. Thanks to the “no skip” feature on YouTube, assured engagement is attainable.
3. Easy to find on YouTube
More than half of videos watched online are done so on YouTube. As such, it is crucial to be seen on YouTube, and video ads have audiences already lined up for you.
4. Highly impressionable
Video ads must be brief and swift. Your video must capture the audience’s focus within the first five seconds of it playing. In doing so, people will remember your content.

Advantages of video ads