2D Animation with characters

We’ll turn your inspiration into a beautifully animated video.

2D animated video with characters

What is 2D animation with characters?

2D Animation with characters is a specialized area of the animation process, which involves bringing animated characters to life. The role of the characters in 2D animation video is analogous to that of a film or stage actor. Character animators breathe life in their characters, creating the illusion of thought, emotion, and personality.

Who can benefit from using 2D animation with characters?

Organizations of all kinds and sizes can reap the rewards that 2D animation videos bring. It doesn’t matter if you are in politics or the health care field - animated videos can aid you in properly articulating a message. Since 2D animation are adaptable, they can be utilized to market services and products, enroll volunteers for clinical tests, impress executives with an in-house buy-in, and more.

Benefits and Features of Animated Characters

The essence of animated videos are the characters in them.


What makes this style of explainer videos so popular, though? In short, animated characters give your brand some humanity in ways other videos can’t. Here’s why:


Nostalgia: do you remember your childhood and those enjoyable moments from cartoons you watched? All your memories of them more positive, aren’t they? Why not deliver your message with the same type of media? Your audience will feel quite comfortable, delighted, and entertained as an animated character explains how your service or product can benefit them.


Personalization: by personalizing the characters in your animated video, you have an opportunity to optimize your results. Your characters should be developed based on the traits of your target market (look, style, age, gender, etc.). Stronger bonds will be generated with people if they can relate to whatever’s on their screen. To put it another way, your audience will feel as if your video is produced for them. The outcome – an increase in conversions and subsequent sales!


Versatility: animated videos can be used whether you manage a B2B or B2C company. These kinds of videos can improve the connections you make with audiences (animated videos use certain resources to stimulate specific emotions). For B2B companies, they add a more human and personal approach, which is somewhat scarce for these kinds of organizations. Animated characters can trigger powerful emotions that can help B2B companies engage with their market.


Flexibility: animated character videos can also be merged with various other explainer videos in order to accomplish stronger results. We suggest mixing motion graphics with animated characters or integrating whiteboard animation and animated characters.



Animated Characters and the Magic They Bring


What makes animated characters as effective as they are? What is so special about them, anyway? How big of a difference could they possibly make?


We have the answers to these questions below:


Empathy generation

Animated characters can generate powerful empathy from an audience watching the story presented before them. A viewer and the character share the very same feeling based on a similar experience (whether that is fear, anxiety, sorrow, happiness, or something else based on the video’s content). People can become more involved in a story with empathy in order to instill some type of curiosity in them (as you encourage the viewer to be patient for more). As such, animated characters truly are essential for empathy generation with a target market. When this is accomplished, a viewer will naturally want to find out how a character resolves their issue. This kind of identification can really help you achieve your marketing objectives!


Identification spawning

When an audience sees characters that resemble their attitudes and characteristics, they develop a closer connection to them. A powerful connection with an audience is achievable with animated characters. They help make videos more engaging, impressive, and appealing! Further, trust will be generated with your brand – people will see that you genuinely want to simplify their lives with your service or product (you understand their needs clearly and want to offer them a solution that works).


Utilizing humor

When humor is added to animated video, engagement is further boosted! Animated characters help you accomplish this with ease in order to make your video more memorable and entertaining. You can use various alternatives: ridiculous metaphors, over-the-top circumstances, unimaginable scenarios, etc. In doing so, you will present a business idea using a cool and attractive approach while entertaining the viewer. The best part about a resource like this is that it doesn’t have to be that realistic: be creative. Animated videos don’t come with the limitations that standard videos have. Your imagination can run wild!

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