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A software video clearly explains and visually demonstrates what the program does, who it helps and how it can benefit users. It does not go on and on about all the different features, because it’s far easier to engage viewers when they can see how beneficial it would be to them.

Studies show that over 69% of people claim they had been persuaded to buy a software program or an app after watching a video. You can also use your software explainer video in other areas as well. You can post it on lead pages, display it at trade shows, use it for app demos, and even for onboarding.


Explainer Videos Are Capable of Benefiting Your Software Business. Here Is How:

You have cutting-edge software that can substantially enhance either the personal or professional lives of potential customers. The only thing you need to do from here is have them install it.



An effective approach to increasing customer engagement for a product is to use video marketing. Succinctly, people would prefer to view a video describing a product rather than read an article about it. Any marketer who uses video can potentially increase revenue 49% quicker than marketers who don’t.


The following article will go over a basic, budget-friendly method of utilizing video marketing, specifically with explainer videos.


Explainer videos: just what are they?

Explainer videos are concise and clear visual explanations of your business, what it does, and the ways it can resolve a customer’s problems. A video can address pain points of a potential customer, reveal why software could be a solution, then explain how audiences will benefit from it. The explainer video provides potential customers with the information they require by capturing their attention. It stimulates them into reading more about your product. An explainer video – when properly made – will prolong the length of time a potential customer spends on your site, as well as increase their overall engagement with content of yours. The result – a higher chance of a conversion.



For the most part, explainer videos aren’t any longer than 120 seconds. Experienced marketers understand how to bypass the temptation to explain everything in one video – the more time a video plays for, the less attention a viewer will give to it. Explainer videos generally include either a screencast or animation and a voiceover, though these aspects are contingent on the video’s product or service and goals.


Software companies will find explainer videos particularly useful. In comparison to other sectors, software isn’t a “sexy” product. It doesn’t have a shiny object that potential customers can marvel at, nor is it a physical product that can be held. Consequentially, it could be a challenge to capture a potential customer’s interest in order to promote software to them. Software companies that have a complicated or unrevealed product might have difficulty articulating its benefits and overall nature to potential customers. Explainer videos can help make a ‘dull’ product interesting, and that applies to software. There are no shortage of ways explainer videos can be used to enhance the appeal of software. Here are some of them:


Software or business introduction

This happens to be the most original and frequently requested type of explainer video. You can introduce your brand to potential customers, and make your business more humanized to them. This kind of explainer video can prompt viewers to learning more about your software. One of the most popular explainer videos came out in 2009. It was made for a cloud storage company called Dropbox, and turned a start-up into a household name.



Integrate other members to your team and recruit staff

You can either make or repurpose explainer videos for internal use. The video can be played at job fairs or career sections of your site for a potential employee who shows an interest in your company.


Increase conversions from landing pages

Explainer videos aren’t limited to your product pages or homepages. They can be added to landing pages, too, and are capable of increasing conversions by as much as 80% when on them.



Save it as a presentation

Sales employees can use an explainer video to articulate the features of your software and sell its benefits to a consumer. Explainer videos can aid your sales staff by offering talking points that are easy to understand – ones that can be integrated into sales pitches or presentations.


Your software can be promoted on social networks

You can add explainer videos to your social network pages. They can be used in Facebook ads, added as an introduction on your YouTube channel, and pinned on a Twitter feed in order to increase brand exposure. In fact, 45% of consumers view over 60 minutes worth of videos directly on YouTube and Facebook each week.


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