Customer Service Videos

Teach your customers how to use your product, services or app.

Customer Service Videos - Teach your customers how to use your product, services or app.

What Is A Customer Service Videos?

When we talk about ‘Customer Service Videos,’ we really mean any video content that’s designed to help and add value to your prospects and customers. Maybe it’s a video you’ve created to help educate someone before they buy, and move them along your buyer journey; maybe it’s an onboarding video, intended to familiarise your new customer with the finer details of your product or service after they’ve bought or downloaded it; or maybe it’s a video designed to support or help your existing customers. Customer service videos can play a pivotal role in enhancing customer experience and perception of your brand, at whichever stage of the buyer journey you’re looking to improve.

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Why Use Customer Service Videos?

1. Increase Satisfaction When you increase a user’s understanding of your product, you also increase their satisfaction because they are able to get the most out of it.

2. Reduce Support Calls Nurture campaigns can save you time and money when it comes to support calls. A small problem that would once take a phone call to solve, could be rectified by one short video. This helps users self-support.

Create Videos for Customer Service

We have extensive experience in creating videos for your customers. Please contact us with contact page and consult with our experts on how to make video effective for your customers.
Below we provide a brief explanation of how videos for your customers can help your business.

1. Videos can be used to understand your customers better. You can talk to customers through videos. Videos added value and develop personal connections.


2. Resolution time can be improved with videos. How effectively do you understand issues that customers have? Simplify the process for them and record certain topics through video. In doing so, you’ll be able to get a better handle on their issues, and customers will get a better handle on what your solutions are in return. Don’t rely on traditional support alone.


3. Your customers shouldn’t have to wait! An effective support staff can respond to chats and video calls rapidly. Videos can serve as a knowledge base so that customers can find the solutions they need themselves.


4. Simplify the way customers use products or services. Walk customers through your service or product. Create videos that make it easy for them to use whatever you’re offering is. Doing so solidifies a positive customer experience for them.


Customer Service

There is nothing more disappointing than resorting to customer service or support. Customers don’t actually want to contact you when they need help. If you can prevent them from doing so, you’ll come out smelling like roses.

It’s not so much the calling aspect that frustrates customers – it’s the length of time they are on hold, as well as the way they get passed from one agent to another. It’s even worse when they don’t understand how a service or product is supposed to operate. The biggest reasons businesses lose customers, according to Right Now/Interactive research, are because:


– Customers feel that their staff treated them poorly.

– A problem wasn’t solved within a reasonable timeframe.


Time is valuable for every single customer. The best approach to saving their time involves the creation of support videos. They can serve as a resource for customers whenever they have a question or issue with whatever your service or product is.


One approach to achieving this is by going through prior support queries, then determine what the most frequent problems reported were. Once you’ve established this, you can develop a set of brief videos customers can access as needed. A lengthy phone call with a disgruntled customer can be replaced with a one minute video, which gives your customers a sense of control and satisfaction.


An Inovit survey was taken recently involving customers who faced difficulty with a product or service.

68% of these people claimed they would prefer to view videos that go over how a problem can be solved,

as opposed to contacting the customer service team of a company.


Provide customers with the tools necessary to resolve their own issues. Doing so will save a lot of priceless time and business resources. Customers’ time is also saved in the process, restoring their happiness with your business.


50% of companies that currently use supportive videos claim that the amount of phone calls

they get has gone down significantly.


Customer Contentment

Sales are important; however, selling a service or product with an improper description is a poor way to go about doing business. We can help you with this by creating an explainer video outlining the benefits of whatever your service or product is. That way, customer expectations can be managed, and viewers get a visual rundown of what they can expect. This lets people purchase something from you confidently while increasing your overall ROI.


An alluring explainer video can be a smart tool you can use to isolate yourself from the competition. They can also help customers become familiar with your brand. From our perspective, the most effective explainer videos range between one minute and 90 seconds, lengthwise, and stick to a basic process that involves three steps:


– Problem or issue.

– Solution or answer.

– Benefits or advantages.


They let you address any difficulties viewers may experience before presenting your service/product/brand as an effective solution. An optimal approach to closing explainer videos is to list the benefits and advantages your company specializes in.

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