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Animated whiteboards

Whiteboard animation is a video style that shows the viewer static images being drawn on the screen. Typically the illustrations are accompanied by a narration that walks the audience through the story that is being told within the drawing. These animations are simple, yet undoubtedly engaging.

Who are whiteboard animation videos most beneficial to?

Explainer videos properly articulate a complex idea, service, or product to an audience. Within minutes, a whiteboard video can convey intricate concepts in a method that audiences won’t forget. Companies can use videos to market products or educate staff. Medical and pharmaceutical organizations can utilize them as an interactive platform for patient information.

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10 Ways an Animated Whiteboard Presentation Can Be More Effective

The following is a list of our favorite ways to make animated whiteboard presentations stand out.


Suggestion: be mindful that – in addition to implementing these suggestions – your scripts will be a key aspect of the production process. Your script will be an important component when it comes to enhancing your video’s effectiveness!


Use tried-and-true methods: historically, animated whiteboard videos were always colorless. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, here. Stick to what works. Granted, you are welcome to add a bit of color or make minor adjustments, but don’t go overboard.


Use animated characters: make your animated video more engaging and enticing with character animation. Customizing them is essential – in doing so, your viewers will feel like the video is speaking directly to them.


Remember the hand: that writing hand is the heart and soul of a whiteboard video. You can’t call it a whiteboard video without one! Worse, you would lack the educational approach and effectiveness it’s known for.


Keep your drawings connected: this is particularly vital so the animation (and therefore the story) is seamless and smooth. Keeping your drawings connected is essential for an engaging video, and makes them more coherent.


Insert emotional components: adding references that can trigger emotions (like recalling certain memories through classic films or retro games) can make a video more memorable and persuasive.


Be informative: education is a key aspect of the whiteboard video style and shouldn’t be omitted! Retain its essence and explain something needed.


Keep the background white: white backgrounds are another mainstay of these types of videos. Succinctly, the background has to be white. Videos like these are recognized because of the colorless background, so do not change things up!


Add a little bit of color: yes, this contradicts our black/white rule, but that doesn’t restrict color in certain areas. Feel free to add some, but with brevity.


Customize it: personalizing your video will stimulate audience interest and raise engagement. Using a template will result in poor engagement, lack of memorability, and low interest. Your marketing results will subsequently be lackluster.


Limit the length: people’s attention spans are short. The time you have to present your message will, therefore, be just as short. The average whiteboard video is 90 seconds long, but it can be a bit longer if necessary.


Suggestion: review the entire process of animated whiteboard videos. Doing so will prepare you for developing one of your own! Take some time to find out how whiteboard videos are made, one step at a time.

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