Whiteboard animated video – DocMJ

The new Inovit video project is ready for your comments and feedback. The explainer video tells the benefits and the working flow of DocEMR physician center. DocMJ is a medical marijuana physician's practice providing compassionate care to people seeking the medicinal benefits of medical cannabis.

The purpose

In the video, it should be described that DocEMR makes providing recommendations efficient and legally compliant. And the cloud-based electronic system of the center is customized and allows the physician to spend additional time with patients and less time with paperwork, dramatically increasing their income. In the video, our Inovit team should emphasize to the audience that DocEMR is Florida's largest provider of medical cannabis recommendations and is currently used by more than 50 doctors for over 200,000 patient visits.

The solution

The explainer video is made as to the whiteboard video with the touch of the colors according to the client’s brand book. The video clearly describes the benefits of DocEMR by using the main character in the explainer. The working process and the recommendation providing procedure of DocEMR. The video is done in the soft animation slide transitions that make the video interactive and knowledgeable for the clients and doctors who are going to use DocEMR for their practice.

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