Marketing Videos

Promote your company in social networks, in presentations, on websites or information platforms.

Marketing Videos - Promote your company in social networks, in presentations, on websites or information platforms.

Description of marketing video content and why they are used:

Marketing video content is an approach to promoting a certain idea or objective while maintaining your organization’s existence in association with it. Content for marketing videos must be trustworthy, enjoyable, and less than 60 seconds. Most importantly, it should be aimed at your primary demographic. In comparison to conventional ads, branded videos do not promote anything. Actually, the majority of this content will hardly discuss the brand. Branded video content acculturates your company by relating to audiences sentimentally while reinforcing the voice of your brand.

marketing video content and why they are used

How and when should branded video content be used?

Content for marketing videos comes after you’ve built up a powerful customer base and new crowds know that your business exists. Marketing videos are ideal for establishing awareness and engaging with potential customers. Think of them as an aspect of a PR campaign and as a regular social media interaction tool.

Animated Marketing Videos

In two minutes or less, an animated marketing video will describe your services or products to a potential client or customer. Such videos are developed to be simultaneously informative and entertaining. This is why marketing videos are powerful tools for all businesses, no matter how big or small they are.


If someone discourages you from using an animated video to market your company, pay them no mind. Those who speak of animated videos in a negative light are likely competing with you in some way or another. They understand the effectiveness of animated videos, and how they can help your company stand tall above others in your field. It stands to reason that people you’re competing with wouldn’t want you using animated marketing video – selfishness and self-preservation are their incentives. Don’t listen to any naysayers. Animated marketing videos have proven time and again to be effective for any kind of business, regardless of the industry they are in.


Animated Marketing Videos = Increased Memory Retention and Stronger Impact


Animated marketing videos help viewers remember the content. Most people are inclined to remember aspects of a video they’ve seen as opposed to content they need to read. Our minds process visual content and imagery 50,000 times faster than content that’s written. Our minds remember content in a visual format better rather than ones with text. Ultimately, you can retain more visual content in one minute then you can reading millions of words.


All types of marketing material can be converted into interactive content if an animated video is used to explain it. Such content will stimulate people into taking action afterward by becoming engaged with a brand. All you need to do is produce an animated video that interests people. Further, you must convey your message clearly and tell people why they should take action. Some people choose to use scare tactics and tell people about the repercussions of inaction. Your target market might do what the video tells them to or take another action that helps your brand in some capacity, such as sharing your video with others on social networks.


When animated marketing videos are intriguing, entertaining, fun, and interesting, you will capture the minds and hearts of viewers. Consequentially, they might begin to appreciate and trust your brand if they are able to relate to the video in some way. When this happens, these people will begin to engage with your brand. Some of them might even buy whatever you’re selling!


How can you get audiences to remember what you show them? The content in the videos you produce should include attractive visuals and graphics, pleasant voices, distinct characters, and a message that resonates with your target market. If you are capable of achieving this, you have what it takes to make a successful and impactful video.


If you are interested in having a content agency make an animated marketing video for you, reach out to us. Tell us what you would like to accomplish, as far as your marketing goals and video is concerned. We will take your ideas and bring them to fruition!

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