Marketing video – Simba

Today Inovit is ready to present the last video project for Simba - the bank for immigrants. It can help by providing access to financial products and services that make it easier to save, support loved ones. In addition to serving your needs, Simba is also focused on improving access to financial education and is committed to investing a portion of our profits back into the communities it serves. The video describes the Simba services very accurately and understandable by using a professional voiceover in 2D animation with colorful characters of different nationalities.

The purpose

The client made an order with us to create the eŃ…plainer video about the financial services for immigrants. The main purpose of the video is to let people know that Simba has been launched and to explain why it's a better company to bank and send money with. The client wanted to present in the video that now people can save, spend, send all from one application only - Simba.

The solution

Our team of the specialists created the video in 2D animation with characters as the client requested. We use a lot of characters from different cultures to show the multicultural diversification of the immigrants who are living in the US. Our creative team made the video in the storytelling to show the full working process of Simba application. The main character is a man who is using virtual banking services- Simba- for his needs. The storytelling makes the description of the Simba smooth and informative for the audience.

Inovit animation company is always ready to make your corporate ideas real.

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