2D animation video – iScope bitCare

Our team made the video for our client bitCare and its innovative product iScope. The product is specially created for women's health. Inovit created a video full of different women characters who are describing the advantages of the product. The professional voiceovers made the information more interactive and understandable for the users.

The purpose

Our new client bitCare requested the marketing video for their new innovative product - iScope. The main purpose of the video is to show that iScope is helping women get timely cervical cancer screening service in low-resource or remote areas. And as well the client wanted to present the instructions on how to use the product in the video. The client had an idea to present the nationality diversification of women in the video that shows the product's multicultural involvement.

The solution

Our Inovit team used 2D animation to create entertaining and dynamic videos for the clients. We implement female characters of different races to make the video multicultural. In the video we described the importance of timely diagnosis of female diseases. The working process of the product was described visually in a logical way and with all useful details.

Did you enjoy the video? Inovit is ready to make the marketing video for your business and platform in a fun and creative way.

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