Training Videos

Train efficiently with animated videos. Easy to explain – easy to understand

Training Videos - Train efficiently with animated videos. Easy to explain – easy to understand

Description of educational video content and why they are used:

Educational videos are helpful, descriptive, and shareable content that establishes you or your organization as a specialist or authority in your industry. It may be a ‘behind the curtain’ video to see how your product is manufactured, a motion infographic, or a clip about modern trends in your field. It may also be worthwhile to convert your most viewed blog articles and FAQS into an educational video.
Educational videos are a practical approach to expand your funnel and boost your rankings on search engines regardless of the field you are in.

Educational video content and why they are used

How and when should educational content be used?

The top of the funnel is where educational videos should be placed to create an understanding of a product, service, or company. They are not intended to sell a service or product. They should be an element of your overall content marketing plan. Educational videos should always be highly visible on company blogs and social networks.
Several factors of quality educational video content:
- helpful and revealing
- transparent communication
- basic, simple to understand teaching topics
- interactive on-display characters or talent
- no longer than 120 seconds

How and when should educational content be used?

Animated Videos for Corporate Training Purposes

Below are ways you can make animated videos for corporate training purposes.


1) Animated Orientation Training Videos Production


When your company has hired new employees, and you want to introduce them to the history and organizational structure of your company, then animated videos are a great way to teach them everything they need to know within a short amount of time. Once they’re done watching your entertaining and informative training material, they’ll be able to adapt better to your workplace environment. This will ultimately save you time and money because you won’t need to wait as long for them to adapt.


Every animated orientation video must include an introduction to the company, the policies of the company, workplace behavior rules, what to do, what not to do, and entertaining motivational content to get your employees excited about working for your company.


2) Animated Technical Training Videos Production


If you need to teach your employees about how to use a specific tool, software program, process, or piece of equipment, then show them an animated video which explains the technical aspects of it. The illustrative nature of the video will help your employees learn these technical concepts faster and more easily.


3) Animated Safety Training Videos Production


Your employees need to maintain a safe work environment. Animated safety training videos can teach them the best safety measures to implement while on the job. These videos will ensure there are no misunderstandings about safety.


Here are some statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration concerning safety and health in the workplace:


– Over 5,500 American employees die because of injuries they’ve incurred on the job.

– Approximately 1.3 million people have incurred non-fatal injuries and have to stay out of work because of them.


According to the Lost-Worktime Injuries and Illnesses Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 37% of all injuries and illnesses incurred are from employees with under six years of employment.


Animated videos can be used to create realistic scenarios of various situations in the workplace that might compromise someone’s safety and the best ways to overcome them.


4) Animated Remedial Training Videos Production


Orientation training videos may help set new employees on the right path to succeed in an organization, but they won’t keep them performing strongly forever. If someone’s overall performance starts to decline and ends up decreasing productivity within the entire organization, then that employee may need to undergo remedial training. Show them some animated remedial training videos which teach them about their faults and the ways they can overcome them. Most importantly, have the videos be motivational and inspiring so that the employee will want to try harder and not mess up again.


5) Animated Refresher Training Videos Production


In some cases, your employees may have forgotten certain pieces of information from their original training because they never had to use them on the job until now. What you can do is show them animated refresher training videos to remind them of what to do. Refresher training videos are basically faster versions of the orientation videos because they sum up all the main corporate rules and technical concepts within a short timeframe. Sometimes employees just need quick reminders like these in order to get back on track with their work performance.