Training Videos

Train efficiently with animated videos. Easy to explain – easy to understand.

Training Videos - Train efficiently with animated videos. Easy to explain – easy to understand

Description of educational video content and why they are used:

Educational videos are helpful, descriptive, and shareable content that establishes you or your organization as a specialist or authority in your industry. It may be a ‘behind the curtain’ video to see how your product is manufactured, a motion infographic, or a clip about modern trends in your field. It may also be worthwhile to convert your most viewed blog articles and FAQS into an educational video.
Educational videos are a practical approach to expand your funnel and boost your rankings on search engines regardless of the field you are in.

Educational video content and why they are used

How and when should educational content be used?

The top of the funnel is where educational videos should be placed to create an understanding of a product, service, or company. They are not intended to sell a service or product. They should be an element of your overall content marketing plan. Educational videos should always be highly visible on company blogs and social networks.
Several factors of quality educational video content:
- helpful and revealing
- transparent communication
- basic, simple to understand teaching topics
- interactive on-display characters or talent
- no longer than 120 seconds

How and when should educational content be used?

Corporate Training and Animated Videos

There are several approaches you can take when using animated videos to train and educate members of the workplace.


Produce an Animated Video for Orientation Training

When new employees are hired, and you need them to become familiar with the organizational structure and history of your organization, consider using animated videos to bring them up to speed. After they finish viewing your informative and entertaining training video, they will adapt to the workplace environment better. Ultimately, you’ll save a lot of money and time, since their adaptation period will be shorter.

An animated video for orientation training should be comprised of a company introduction, a description of its policies, workplace behavior etiquette, and what you should/shouldn’t do. The content should be motivational and entertaining in order to excite your staff about being part of the company.


Produce an Animated Video About Technical Training

If your employees need instructions for how certain tools, software, or equipment should be used, animated videos can show what they need to know. The illustrative aspect of a technical video can help employees understand certain concepts better and faster.


Produce an Animated Video About Safety Training

Your staff will have to work in an environment that is safe. Animated videos for safety training can show them how to implement safety measures when at work. Such videos will make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more than 5500 employees in America are victims of fatal accidents sustained from work-related injuries. About 1.3 million workers are victims of non-fatal accidents, but won’t be able to return to work due to injuries sustained.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report about time taken off from work by employees because of illnesses and injuries. They claim that 37% of illnesses and injuries happen within the first 6 years of an employee’s tenure.

An animated video can visually explain realistic situations and scenarios at work that can jeopardize an employee’s safety. They can also explain how to overcome those dangers.


Produce an Animated Video About Remedial Training

Videos for orientation training can help employees assimilate with the company, but they are incapable of enhancing performance. If an employee’s work rate begins to decline, or if their decrease in productivity affects other staff members, then he or she might require remedial training. An animated video can teach staff what their faults are, as well as the ways to fix them. Such videos can be inspiring and influence the employee’s mindset. They can teach them to not make the same mistake twice.


Produce an Animated Video for a Refresher

Employees might not remember specific training approaches if they are seldom used. You can show members of your staff an animated video as a reminder of what/what not to do. Essentially, refresher videos are a recap of an orientation video since they summarize technical concepts and corporate rules in a brief amount of time. Occasionally, employees require a rundown to optimize their performance.

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