The Adventures of Captain Kit and the Ready Crew

About the project:

We constantly try ourselves in new genres and styles of explainers. Thus, our team is improving and we create new cool videos for you.

This video is a whole cartoon created by our team.
The Adventures of Captain Kit and the Ready Crew is a story of travelers who discover new places and face various adventures and trials. There are five persons in this video and they are all unique in character and style. Each of them is funny, creative and colorful. But the most interesting thing is that these characters will become heroes of other platforms, somewhere separately, somewhere together. Someone will appear in a school presentation, someone in a video about the company, someone will be printed in a brochure.

In this video, our heroes are in search of treasures, and the most unusual ones. The animation is beautiful and smooth, and the voices are perfectly matched to the characters. And the moral of this explainer animated video is to be prepared for a variety of life situations. As they say, warned - armed.

That's how our studio created new cool heroes that you will meet.

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