Financial Services Videos

A financial services company or consultant can have a 1 to 2-minute video produced to briefly explain their range of services. A great video may feature clients being shown how to solve their financial problems or how to smartly invest their money and why this company or consultant would offer better financial advice than anyone else.


Are you still questioning whether explainer videos work for this industry? Here’s why they’re a good match. Seeking financial advice is a serious undertaking but learning about you and the services/products you offer doesn’t have to be boring. An informative video presentation can be engaging as well.


A creatively produced video can convey the intricate features of many financial products so clients can more easily grasp them. Studies show that 81% of ordinary people have been persuaded to buy a product or engage a service provider after seeing a video.


Financial Institutions Are Also Encouraged to Utilize Animation Explainer Videos

Some customers may have difficulty familiarizing themselves with a new service or product. As a result, it may end up failing due to poor reception. Consumers and clients lack the time and/or will to comb through lengthy and tedious announcements about policy changes. People want to absorb information in a manner that highlights what they need to know. This information should be imparted to them in a meaningful and simple-to-understand manner. Rather than hard to process explanations and pages of text, animation videos should be used instead.



Financial stats may be exhausting to sit through. However, an approach is available to simplify tedious reports and numbers to make them more interesting and vivid. Animation explainer videos convert dull reports to lively presentations, making them interesting and fun to sit through. Interesting characters, vivid colors, mind maps, and animated charts can convey your message in a more effective and digestible way. Complex internal procedures, new options for products, or new financial services can be presented through an animated video in order to elicit a better response from viewers. Many financial companies – banks included – use animation explainer videos in order to develop trust with customers for the sake of expanding their market reach. These marketing tools are ideal for various companies in the financial industry, including the following:


– Financial tech start-ups.
– Private equity-based firms.
– Insurance companies.
– Banks.
– Investment firms.



Unlimited External and Internal Possibilities

A properly crafted video 90-seconds in length is capable of saying much more than any document can. Time is one of your most priceless commodities, and those in the financial industry know this better than anyone. An effective animation video will help you in a number of ways. It can convey complicated messages with a fun approach, one that is well received by customers, to the point where they share it on social media with others.


Personal touches are appreciated by everyone. Animation videos make you relatable, approachable, and instills a feeling of familiarity between you and your audience. These videos can serve as an icebreaker between officials in your company. They are capable of creating a business relationship that lasts a long time. Animated videos can even upgrade and reaffirm existing ones.


Service or Product Description

Explaining an innovative product through easy-to-understand techniques is necessary for many businesses in the financial services industry. A complex or new product involving leasing, factoring, credit letters, hedging, and M-banking can be presented in a way that highlights the benefits of your offering. Lively, animated characters can discuss special offers, discounts, services, or anything else you want to promote. Animation videos can expand your existing reach and attract new audiences. When new services/products are launched, an animation explainer video can help customers understand what is on the horizon, as well as how your offerings work.



You can also use animation videos in a sales presentation. If you find that a sales team constantly repeats an existing pitch to deliver a rundown of your company, then an animation explainer video can act as a resource that saves you time. They can also serve as a client meeting introduction, whether that entails ongoing sessions or one-time consultations. You can create an achievement overview for a client to put together a strong foundation for upcoming projects.

Communicating Internally

Animation explainer videos are capable of communicating new initiatives inside your company. Videos have the potential to train staff or broadcast changes to people in the organization. You can communicate a vital message to everyone involved. Animated videos are often used in internal meetings. People have grown tired of traditional slideshows, and they require something more engaging. Animated explainer videos give you an opportunity to surprise viewers with something effective and new.



Animation explainer videos can be used to train employees. You may have to present some compliance training details or introduce modified HR policies. Whatever your reason, an animation video series will help your staff understand the message. Creative animated video series are capable of demonstrating what the culture is like in the company for new hires. They can also bring existing staff up to speed.


Educational Website Videos

Loans, savings, credit, and other financial and banking subjects can be quite cumbersome for a lot of people. By offering an interactive whiteboard explanation video to consumers, you will give them an ability to comprehend your concept’s fine points, as well as a better sense of what services you provide. People will be able to grasp terms and facts better with a whiteboard video, giving them the confidence and eagerness to become your new customer.


Announcements About Policy Changes

When a policy changes or business practice modifications arise, employees and consumers need to be notified punctually and in a way that is simple for them to understand. One of the most impactful approaches to articulating such changes is to use an animation video.


This Approach Will Be Greatly Appreciated by Customers

The sky is the limit when it comes to animation explainer videos. More benefits seem to come up alongside expected ones for many businesses. Customers do not need to be confused or baffled by your offering. Your financial institution will minimize calls, and the amount of misunderstandings about the business will be lessened. Ultimately, satisfaction will be obtained for everyone involved. An animation explainer video helps you build trust with people right from the get-go.



Now that you understand what an animation explainer video is capable of doing for your financial institution, what is the next step you should take?

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