Training Your Staff with Video

Are you worried that your staff won’t have the right answers for inquiries about your services or products? Does it sometimes seem like your staff doesn’t have a handle on what their peers are focused on?

Everyone running a business has felt that way at some point or another. More often than not, when such instances occur, it’s because of an inept training program.

Understandably, no one enjoys training very much – particularly when the material isn’t terribly interesting or doesn’t answer specific questions. With that said, it must still be done, but it needs to be done properly. An interactive program empowered with great content is beneficial for:

  • developing and educating the skills of your staff,
  • alluring better-targeted prospects,
  • enhancing staff retention, and
  • improving interdepartmental productivity.

This is where videos for corporate training come into play.

Corporate training videos are one of the most effective and important educational tools your company can use. They allow you to deliver, monitor and manage the progression of training processes.

How is this achieved? That’s what this article will address!

Do you recall what the first day was like at your job? There were a lot of rooms, processes, documents, and names thrown at you at once, weren’t there?

Using onboarding tools like video can aid new employees in starting off on the right foot. It methodically teaches them what they’re excited to learn about, and results in workflow that’s ultimately more efficient.

Fortunately, there are a number of different kinds of videos that can be used for this objective:

Culture of the company: you can educate new hires about your organization’s guiding principles, founder, backstory, mission, and values, and you can do so while making them feel like they belong.

“How to” videos are quite effective in helping your staff understand the fundamentals from the get-go. They can learn how the intranet works, proper etiquette for conference calls, ways to book meetings, and other things relevant to your company’s systems or technology. This isn’t a requirement, but it can certainly help with their familiarization of your organization.

Role centric knowledge: your new staff will need to be briefed about their new role. You can effectively address complicated subjects, rules, and materials in an educational video.

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