2D animated explainer video – NEAR

NEAR Technology Group was founded to help brick and mortar stores compete more successfully against their e-commerce challengers. NEAR is developing software and partner programs to make it possible for stores of all sizes to improve how they service their customers. More importantly, tools make it easier to reach new customers and quickly establish a relationship with them. Inovit created the colorful 2D animation explainer video for the NEAR platform to make the potential clients understand the product of the company. The video is simple, entertaining and understandable.

The purpose

The NEAR technology wanted to show that their platform makes people shop easier online to support local stores. The NEAR model has 2 customers: shoppers and retailers. The Inovit client wanted to explain in the video the solution in a way that describes the value to both groups, in very broad strokes. The call to action is for both to learn more (by clicking a link below, etc, etc.).

The solution

Our animation studio made the video in 2D cartoon animation. Together with the client our specialists decided to make the storytelling about the platform and its advantages. The main character is the girl who is showing the audiens the story of how she is using the platform. The explainer video is full of colors and happy people which is visualizing the vision and mission of NEAR company.

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