2D animation video – ePlus

ePlus delivers a full range of Strategic Technology Staffing solutions, including short-term, long-term, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire IT professionals placed across the globe—from the offices throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom. ePlus experts in securing those hard-to-find candidates with the unique technology skillset in demand to make your mission-critical projects a complete success. In the video, Inovit implemented the corporate colors, logo to increase the recognition of the ePlus services for the audience. Give us your feedback if you enjoyed watching this video.

The purpose

Inovit trusted client - ePlus asked to create the new video for Strategic Technology Staffing solutions. The main purpose of the video is to show challenges and security risk from employees working from home and how specialized IT security placements can help customers keep their organizations and users safe. The client wanted to describe ePlus from the side that Strategic Technology Staffing can provide specialized placements to bridge talent gaps, especially in IT security.

The solutions

Our creative Inovit team proposed the client create the explainer video in 2D animation. In the video we used several characters which made the video alive and entertaining for the customers of the staffing solutions. The characters have their own story in the video dealing with the ePlus Staffing Solutions. This visualization of the working process shows the potential customers how they will work with the ePluse product in real life. Inovit team used the corporate colors and logos of the ePlus to involve the audience in the product description.

Give us your feedback if you enjoyed watching this video.If you want to create your video, simply contact us, and our managers will help you with that.

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