Animated marketing video – Premium drinking water

About the project:

Hey, we got a new video.

This explainer is about Alk Water. Alk Water provides premium drinking water while advocating sustainability. Alk enables the purification of source (tap) water using state-of-the-art filtration systems to produce premium quality ambient, chilled, artesian alkaline water. The company cares both about the health of its consumers and about the preservation of the environment.

This is our favorite explainer animated video. It is made in a minimalistic style. Everything is simple and concise, with no extra colors and details. And beautiful, sometimes florid, animation makes the video even cooler. The voiceover and music are selected to inspire the viewer and encourage him to buy Alk Water. And also, we really like the idea of the company and its appeal.

We care about the environment too and want to inspire people to be more conscious. We think such videos will help with this.

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