Explainer 2D video – Elated

Elated chat embodies the passion, experience, and complementary skill sets of three companies – SkillHire, One Night, and The Standard hotels. The companies’ leaders shared the vision of creating a communication solution designed for today’s mobile, on-demand economy while empowering the hotels to heighten the guest experience. The Inovit team created the 2D explainer video for Elated with colorful characters and presenting all platform work processes. The professional voice over made the video more enjoyable and understandable for the audience.

The purpose

Elated made an order for the 2D animation marketing video for their new platform. The client provided all necessary details and description about the product. During the video production the client wanted to take an active part in creating animation. Our managers with the pleasure assisted them to produce the unique and bright video about the platform.

The solutions

Elated company put the task for Inovit to create the full working process of Elated platform. We came up with an idea to create little storytelling with the characters in the 2D animation. That helped us to visualize the process from the positions where, when and how to use the platform. All advantages of the platform were described in detail.

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