Explainer animation video – Protecting your vehicle

Inovit created the new explainer video in collaboration with Protection Direct. Protection Direct specializes in protecting our clients from the high cost of automobile and home repairs. A Protection Direct service plan gets your vehicle in the shop and covered repair items paid which puts your vehicle quickly and safely back on the road.
Protection Direct has had the privilege of protecting thousands of vehicles. The goal is to provide an exceptional experience by providing every owner of a flexible, dependable and affordable solution to unexpected and costly repairs. Protection Direct is committed to provide the financial coverage in your time of need. The animation of the video is done in the blue tint colors related to the corporate style. The video is based on storytelling with 2D animation.

The purpose

Protection Direct ordered the 2D explainer video about its services. The client wanted to illustrate the main advantages in the video that they are one of the only vehicle service contract companies that owns its own claims processing and insurance business. The main purpose of the explainer video is to visualize the unique ability to provide high value policies, process claims quickly, and keep customers happy. Protection Direct insisted on describing the purpose by using characters with their own story in the video. By the client’s vision it could make the explainer video more cartoony and colorful to grab the potential customers attention.

The solution

Inovit team together with client- Protection Direct approved the video script about the woman who is using the Protection Direct services. The video is fully done in blue corporate colors. The main company vision and mission were visualized by the storytelling about the young lady's life using the car during the day. The advantages of the Protection Direct services were shown when the car of the main character was broken and later the quality services were provided in such critical situation. The explainer video is full of positive vibes and atmosphere.

Hope you enjoyed watching this animation video as we are. Check all Inotiv work on our YouTube channel. Contact us anytime if you like to create the same video about your product or service.

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