Marketing video – Earth&Star Products

The marketing video of Inovit is ready for your review. The company Earth & Star decided to promote the new beverages based on functional mushrooms. The animation of the video is fun, colorful, and very dynamic. Our creative team decided to use the pastel colors closer to the corporate colors.

The purpose

During the creative process our team tried to focus their vision on the quality advert for our client Earth & Star using the characters to make video more fun and entertaining. Earth & Star provided us all necessary information about their innovative new product. That helped our specialists to base storyboard on all client’s details. The client controlled and participated on all production stages to make all ideas about the new drinking product alive on the screen.

The solution

The strong collaboration with Earth & Star helped our Inovit team come up with the style of the video and its message for the potential Earth & Star clients. The 2D animation grabs the audience's attention on the products and their strong sides compared with the competitors. The characters are making this marketing video alive and fun to watch. The original photo shoots of the drinking products are used in the video to enhance the product’s recognition

If you enjoyed watching the video, our Inovit team is ready to help you to create the same video for your product! Contact us any time.

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