Explainer video – Smart Pet Tags

New marketing video from Inovit studio is ready. The video is made in 2D cartoon style with characters. This is a cute story about a boy and his dog who was lost in the forest. But the dog's smart tag was scanned by a girl and she contacted a boy. Dog was given back to his owner. The smart tag is called Fetchâ„¢. Fetchâ„¢ makes it possible for someone who finds your pet to easily reach you and share your pet's location from anywhere on the map .

The purpose

Our new client invented a new gadget, called Fetch, for the pets and wanted to create an explainer video for their customers on how to use it. The product is called Smart Pet Tags. The Main purpose of the explainer video was to visualize the working process of the gadget. The use of Smart Pet Tags should be described simply as you need to tap your smartphone to notify the owner and access pet's info and owner contact. The client asked our Inovit experts to turn the video into a cute cartoon story.

The solution

Inovit team got all the useful information from our client and combined it into a colorful marketing video with a small storytelling. Video Storyboard told us about a boy and it's missing dog with a happy ending. Our experts presented the size, material, instructions to use of Fetch Smart Pet Tag in the video.

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