How business animation will increase your sales

You might think that animation is only relevant in cartoons or some educational videos. But in fact, more and more enterprises are making animated videos as an advertising tool.
What is the reason for such a demand? It’s simple – business animation is highly appreciated and pays off quickly.
The advantage of animation is that with its help you can talk about abstract things and processes in a friendly and understandable way. Consumers do not need to spend time to understand the process. They just watch the animated video that explains everything.
The increasing number of start-ups and new technologies has become an excellent field for the business animation development. As complex services and products appeared, the need to explain clearly to the audience the essence of these innovations arose.
But, is this the main advantage of business animation? Not really.
Many companies make animated videos a central element of their marketing strategy for other reasons.

Firstly, it is related to customer interaction
Business animation helps to create a connection with the audience. Explainers use the storytelling method. With this technique, the user sees situations and characters that are close to him in spirit. You just need to show a solution to a problem that bothers your audience and they will feel that your product is close to them.
To achieve this result, create the characters in your video as close as possible to your customers (character, style, life position).
Animated videos are the best way to make people feel identified. While watching a video showing their story, they feel that you care about their problems and that you want to help.
Of course, it is very important to know your audience by heart. And already proceeding from this, do the content. How?

This enhances brand identity
In the animated video, you have a whole field for creativity. Animation, color, sketching. By the way, with the help of color, you can influence your audience.
According to studies, almost 90% of users form their first impression based on the colors of advertising.
You just need to create your color scheme and people will recognize you, your posters, ads, animated videos.

It turns out that colors still matter for the brand
A good option for using signature colors is to make them the central element of the animation clip. If you can still make the tone of your brand convey the idea of a video – you can make a good video. This contributes to the rapid recognition and easy perception of your content. People will remember you. What does it look like in action?

Increases online visibility
Business animation is popular in the social networks, email, or other communication areas. They are useful for byers and visually attractive. Nice video, with clear structure and thought. This type of content is the most common.
If the audience likes your videos, then they will be happy to share them in the social networks. And, so we get an organic audience growth.
Besides, business animation is a powerful tool in building a brand’s SEO strategy, as they help websites rank in Google and other search engines.

The expliner holds the attention of the viewer well

If you place such a video on the front page of your site, then you will increase the user’s stay on it from 8 seconds to 2 minutes. Considering that people are used to quickly search for information and jump from page to page, then two minutes are a very long time.
Create additional new strategies for promotion, use platforms like YouTube, or Vimeo – and you can do twice as much.
The main indicator for SEO is the time spent on the site. Search engines read this information and on its basis distinguish the site as interesting or useful. Then, the link gets to higher positions. As a result, it becomes easier for people to find you, and they are more likely to recognize your brand.

We have combined all of the above into a shortlist explaining why you should use business animation:
– Simply and clearly explains abstract concepts simply and clearly.
– Increases brand confidence
– Emotional communication with a client
– Brand Identity
– Increases online visibility
– Suitable for brand SEO strategies.

Therefore, most companies prefer to use animated clips in advertising.
All this works fine under one condition – if you create quality content. When your video will convey your idea, professionalism and at the same time it is beautiful – you have created the perfect video.
If you are aiming at such a level, then your team should have professional animators. Or entrust this work to another team.
Our company will be happy to help you create the perfect video that will work for your benefit.
Have questions or want to create a video – contact us.