Red – love or hate? How to use colors in commercials

Colors evoke certain associations in all people. Moreover, a variety of sensations, even directly opposite ones, can be associated with one color. A lot of research has been carried out and an uncountable number of scientific papers have been written on this occasion. We do not want to go into the depths of this issue. Today we want to talk about color in video marketing. Probably every second marketer understands that color has attention to the user. But, not everyone knows how to use the colors to control the emotions of the consumer.

A bit of psychology

 When we see blue, it is primarily associated with water and the planet. If I ask you to tell the association to yellow, then it will be the sun, green – grass, leaves. Since ancient times, people have used colors as a way of communication. In different cultures, great attention was paid to them. For example, in the territories of Slavic lands, ethnic clothing was embroidered with patterns. Each color meant something and protected the owner. Today, we have stepped far ahead and use colors to attract customers. These tricks are noticeable in clothing, technology, billboards and of course in video advertising.

If you are creating video content for your product, you should learn how certain colors affect your audience. During the existence of your business, you will understand these attitudes.

Many marketers are trying to develop the theme of color theory, saying that the red vase causes aggression by the user, and the purple sofa will encourage him to buy. All this is very relative. Red color can be perceived as aggressive while looking at a picture of bullfighting. But if you shoot a model in a room lit by red light, then there will be a completely different effect.

Based on this, we can conclude that everything is decided by the context. Meaning is more important than form. And any color can play to your advantage if used correctly.


A bit about colors in marketing

The University of Winnipeg conducted a study according to which customers make a purchase decision in 90 seconds after the first interaction. And in 65-90 percent, their first impression is based on the color scheme.

Another study by the Cardiff Business School suggests that people value colors basing on relevance. Simply put, if the consumer sets a calm color scheme, then he may not like your video in bright colors. Besides, it is associated with the identity of your brand. If you work on the image and style of your product, then over time you will develop corporate colors that customers will be used to.

The colors in which you want to make the video will be appreciated quickly – within the first 30 seconds.

Do not neglect the color schemes that palettes offer. From a mathematical point of view, they are composed correctly. But you should always consider the context and the main thing is don’t be afraid to experiment. In addition to colors, you should carefully consider the brand identity as a whole: logo, font, brand. Together, all these elements create value and make your product closer to the consumer.

The main question that needs to be answered before creating an advertising video – do these colors convey the style of your product, do they create an association with the brand? Does the user feel the connection between the video and your product through colors?


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