Your Sales are Dying Because of These 5 Mistakes

Video is an important part of marketing. It is an impactful tool to help you interact with potential customers and pique their curiosity.

With that said, most marketers aren’t mindful that this method is much more complex than merely producing a video and publishing it online.

Video marketing is a tool, and with any tool, it must be used correctly. If successful results are what you want, you don’t have the luxury of making errors. This article will address common inhibitions of video marketing endeavors.


Not optimizing time

A person’s attention span is approximately 8 seconds, give or take. You can’t lose one second of that time attempting to articulate your message. You should be prepared to lose 20% of viewers within the initial 10 seconds at the least; as well as 1/3 within the initial 30 seconds. If your video begins with a text into and long music, speaker intros, and other relevant aspects, your audience will only be exposed to fluff.

You have 10 seconds or less to make a connection with your viewers.

Videos are too long

When someone chooses to view a video and notices that it’s 10 seconds long, they will only watch it if they decide to. More often than not, they’ll skip it entirely.

The ideal duration of a company video has been talked about for quite some time, but the consensus seems to be 120 seconds. Up to that point, many videos show an engagement level of approximately 70%, with a sharp decline right afterward.

Not utilizing video analytics

Simply uploading videos without following them up with analytical tools use is akin to throwing darts with your eyes covered up.

Analytics can offer you all types of beneficial details about your videos, such as the audience watching them, what videos they’re watching, and the amount of time they watch for. This data can offer you plenty of helpful insight into how to optimize your tactics. You will understand which videos are performing better than others, what content is getting the most interest, and more.

Waiting till the end of the video to list your selling points

Listing your primary selling points close to the video’s end, and then using the run time before that to build up to those points might seem like a no-brainer. However, if this is done, you’ll risk alienating a majority of your viewers prior before they get to the most vital part. As such, you should do things the opposite way – place the selling points of your message at the start of the video and use supporting aspects that aren’t essential to comprehending the message as a follow-up.

Not introducing a CTA

Don’t forget why you had a video produced. You want your audience to take action. Once they see your video, they must be clear about what actions to take. Refrain from giving a sales pitch; rather, attempt to convince viewers in a trustworthy, compelling manner. Give helpful advice for them to heed.

In Closing

Video marketing is tremendously impactful and productive, but when not used properly, can absorb a large part of your resources without giving you anything in return.

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