Should You Limit the Length of Your Video?

In the digital and online video world, a video shorter than 120 seconds is deemed to be brief. Videos of that length can retain the attention of a viewer. Once those two minutes have passed, there is a significant decline in viewership. Harsh as it may sound, after 120 seconds, interest in your video is gone – there is a depreciation of your engagement rate, and no one is consuming your message.

Figure Out Exactly Where the Decline Happened

You can host your company’s video on all types of platforms, and all of them will show you the point at where viewership for your video declined. It is simple to understand the graphs presented to you. Don’t forget: 120 minutes is all you have before people start to zone out.

How to Use Brevity with Your Video Message

Video is One of Many Tools at Your Disposal. What is the main detail you are trying to convey in your video? What messages will other resources explain? After publishing a video, what information have you listed in the description section under it?

You should have a clear idea of what you want your viewers to take from your video. Consider the main point or subsequent action you want them to make. Are you trying to get viewers to complete a form, download an eBook, sign up for a trial account, contact your sales department, or watch another video? The message of your video must address the main point and the intended call-to-action for the audience.

It’s easy to keep your videos concise when you know the objective of your video. Limit the content to details that support the video’s objective.

Features are Nice, but People Are Buying Solutions

People watching your video are in search of answers to their questions, not a sales pitch. Lists can be tiresome and time-consuming. Since your time is limited, discuss the advantages of whatever your product or service is. Don’t just list all its features. Select the most important elements of your offering and ensure you demonstrate the ways these benefits are obtained. Your point should be showcased to address the audience’s concerns.

Don’t Forget the Sales Funnel

At one point in the sales process should your target market see your video? Should they have a basic understanding of your product or service? Present details aimed at where your target audience is within the sales funnel.

Will Your Video Be Social-Media Friendly?

To optimize your message, determine where most of the video’s viewership will originate from. Be mindful of the preferred length for every platform.

Shorter Videos are More Inexpensive

The length of a video plays a role in its cost. Brief videos usually are more economical in the sense that you are only paying for the amount of time people watch it. If it’s more than 120 seconds long, you’re paying to air content no one is watching.

Rather Than Run the Risk of a Video Being Too Long, Try Breaking One Down into a Video Series

If you happen to have a video of a lengthy duration, consider breaking it down into halves or thirds. A 1-minute landing page video, accompanied by up to two 60 to 90-second videos that provide more insight into certain topics, will have much more of an impact on your target audience.

Consider packaging your video to run as a series. It is easy to play your videos sequentially if an audience wants to watch them in order. In fact, with the right call-to-action, you can convince them to!


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