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New whiteboard explainer video by Inovit is ready for your comments and reviews. The video is done for Skywriter MD. Skywriter MD was born out of a need to recover precious time that providers have lost to EMR documentation. The company embarked upon the development of a software collaboration tool that facilitates real-time communication and connectivity with virtual scribes, who serve as an extension of a physician’s arm throughout the patient visit. Skywriters help providers navigate the EMR, enter data and execute other tasks as directed. The user interface supports direct and indirect interaction throughout the patient visit, while the non-intrusive presence of Skywriters enables a more personable patient-physician encounter. The whiteboard animation is smooth with colorful sketches. That is making the audience enjoy watching the video till the end.

The purpose

Our client wanted to have the explainer video about their new application which is fully understood by the customers. The client wished to have the app presentation by the video animation and obviously wanted the actions to mimic real life. They provided for our Inovit team helpful diagrams of how their Skywriter MD services work.

Inovit should focus on the maine topics to hit in the video:

- Providers can view their Skywriters as an extension of the provider’s arm; delivering real time navigation of the EMR, entering discrete information into the EMR, pending orders, and responding to messages as directed.
- Team Model: Each provider is assigned a team of Skywriters who are familiar with his/her preferences and are available throughout the day to support EHR documentation. Having a team of Skywriters reduces the human resource department challenges of a 1:1 scribe to provider relationship and reduces the problems associated with attrition, cost and scale.
- Ease of Use - iPad, laptop, desktop, (phone)
- Quality Assurance - can describe internal QA process to ensure accuracy
Availability - 24/7
- US-based.Because of Skywriter MD's unique resources and approach, we can remain US-based with locations in Colorado, Texas, and soon to be east and west coast, while still being half the cost of a physical scribe.

The solution

Together with our new client, we came up with the creation of a whiteboard explainer video about Skywriters solution. Our specialists displayed and presented in the video that Skywriters application has top benefits and ideas for the users. Inovit team visualized that Skywriters captures discrete data, supporting back-end reporting and analysis and patient satisfaction is increased. To make the video more fun and interesting to watch, our illustrators added colors in the sketches which made the video bright and cartoonish and the characters more realistic.

If you like to create the same explainer video for your application, please, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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