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About the project:

If you have ever encountered the work of non-government organizations, you probably know how great is the problem of resources for them. Often, due to the large amount of work and the lack of finance, NGOs cannot fully realize themselves and work in accordance with their mission. The Nubay NGO helps such organizations by developing software. Nubay will help you with data processing, employee coordination, introduction of electronic document management and many other tasks.

In the explainer animated video, we tried to convey all the problems that NGOs face, but at the same time maintain the ease of narration. Simple animation looks clear and conveys the atmosphere of the NGOs’ work. The entire video is made in the colors of the company. And the voiceover speaks to us as if an old friend talks about his work in an NGO.

We understand and value the work of non-government organizations because they are often acting as the driving force of change. Thanks to Nubay for cooperation and for doing such important things!

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