Whiteboard animated video – FCP Live-in company

Ready to share with you our new video project for FCP Live-in company. Let's be more precise about what this company is doing in the market.

It is an alternative to placing aging parents into facilities. Live-in home care agency is committed to providing a unique and customized In-Home home companion approach to senior care. Live-in home care is a form of care provided to seniors who need around-the-clock assistance from a caregiver.

The purpose

The client ordered a couple of short explainer videos about its services. Videos are supposed to be simple and understandable for the audience. The main animation style should be a whiteboard. Moreover, explainer videos about FCP Live-in services need to reflect the main idea and vision that can automatically build trustworthiness with future customers.

The solution

This is the first explainer video out of two. Our experts, after several meeting calls with the client, persuaded the FCP Live-in team to go for a colorful whiteboard animation. That touch adds life and action to the final video image. The dominant color is blue, as per the corporate color palette. As per request, the video is released in a smart and structural way. Nevertheless, it orients on the main target audience that is adults with senior parents with a special care approach.

Our team considers that we achieved all tasks that the client set for us. Our client is impressed with the result and impatiently waiting for the second explainer that is coming soon.

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