Tutorial video – AllsWell app

About the project:

This explainer animated video we have created for AllsWell.
AllsWell is an emergency alert system for people living on their own. The system was created in order to look after loved ones if they live separately. If their smartphone isn't moved for a set time, AllsWell will automatically send an email and text to relatives or friends with human location.

Animated video represents step-by-step registration instructions in the system. Just in one and a half minute we have compiled the most important information and tried to make it as simple and understandable as possible. Watching the video will take a minimum of time and will help you to use AllsWell easily.
We choose a simple design in the style of the company. Smooth animation helps you track every step of the registration. In parallel, a pleasant voiceover duplicates the information on the screen.
Thanks, AllsWell, for this collab.

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