Tutorial video – AllsWell app

About the project:

Inovit wants to share with you the new tutorial video for AllsWell app. The new Emergency Alert App for Seniors. Step by step video slideshow the customers the registration and using the process of the application.

The purpose

AllsWell app studio made an order with our Inovit team to proceed with the tutorial video about the new Emergency Alert App. The main purpose of the video is to present an application that is useful for senior people mainly women over 50 years who are living alone.

The solution

Our team together with the client decided to recreate in the video the interface of the application website and made the full user tutorial. The video presented the registration process which leads to the UI of the application itself on your cell phone. The video is filled with the slides in a logical order that are showing the full step-by-step use of the application.

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