Explainer video animated – Interactive digital out-of-home advertising

About the project:

Check out our new CUaround video.

It is a unique retail software-hardware that incorporates dooh advertising + mobile interaction simultaneously. Providing the community with easy access to all local retail storefronts. Thanks to CUaround, advertising reaches a new level and becomes useful. Now the user can choose what he needs to see. Besides, the new CUaround billboards will fit perfectly into the concept of any city and will not pollute the information field.

There is no voice acting in this video, we decided that it would be better to focus the viewer's attention on events and actions. All basic information appears as text. We tried to make sure that the concept of the device could be understood simply from the animation. As a result, we got a pretty stylish video with smooth animation and a minimum of polluting noise.

With each video, we try to experiment and make it interesting to the viewer.
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