Motion Graphics – Lainly

Inovit is glad to share with you the new manual video for the Lainly company. Do not hesitate and give your feedback and the comments. Just get to know more about Lainly company. Lainly creates high quality, innovative and easy to use products that provide a solution for any customer looking to alter, update or reimagine their spatial environment. Lainly manufactures innovative, superior quality portable partitions, room dividers, privacy screens, mobile walls, and sound panels/blankets. Offers a variety of colored fabric wraps, designs, sizes and shapes to fit any space, from a home or corporate office, a small business, a classroom, and more at competitive prices. The manufacturer is located in North America.

The purpose

Our new client ordered the explainer to be intended for the customer's education on how to assemble and install the portable product from Lainly.
The main idea of the video should be described as the correct way to assemble the metal frame and the correct way and tips on how to install the fabric wrap onto the frame.

The solution

Video is performed in the 2D motion graphics style. The explainer has the main concept to represent the steps for the installation of the frame. The explainer shows the detailed fourteen steps to help alleviate the installation of frame construction. The video manual should be directly placed on the company's website that helps the Lainly customers walk through the frame installation process. By the client's desire, the video is done in informative, simplified ways for consumers and appropriate for the Lainly brand.

Inovit tried to make the manual video understandable, logically organized and accurately illustrated the construction steps of the frames.

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