Motion Graphics – IFS Inforsure Inc

The new video is off-the-rack of the Inovit animated studio! The new project is for IFS Inforsure company. IFS provides shipping insurance for luxury high value goods and pharmaceuticals. Its worldwide shipping insurance secures the high-value shipments against loss, damage, or theft while in transit for added peace of mind and profit protection.

The purpose

Inovit's new client wanted to create the video with the collective information about the IFS Inforsure company. The explainer video should be done in a discreet style and with clear images of objects like boxes and expensive items. The video needed to display the company brand with the use of corporate colors and style. All advantages and practical use of the wrapping and shipping should be presented in the video about IFS shipping insurance.

The solution

Our client came up with an idea to create the explainer in isometric animation style to make it more clear and understandable for the potential audience.
In the video, our team visualized the working mission and actions of IFS Inforsure company towards safety of the goods during shipment. The stages of the working process are described in the explainer video as properly securing merchandise with bubble wrap and making sure to double FedEx boxes. In addition, our specialists showed in the explainer the process of shipping a watch with a watch box, to use a sturdy unused brown box, securing and ensuring the item doesn't shift around in the box with bubble wrap. The explainer video contains the smart diagrams and schemes of the working process of the insurance.

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