Explainer video – Secure Access Service Edge

Hey! Check one of the new Inovit explainer videos for our client ePlus. ePlus is a leading security technology integrator with a broad solutions portfolio and strong industry relationships. This video should be about the innovative service called SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) which is a cloud-delivered security approach composed of a variety of separate capabilities working together to address the growing changes in the IT landscape and the way people work without compromising security governance. The client ordered the video in a dark and techy style to make the video more minimalistic and understandable for the audience.

The purpose

ePlus company started to work on the new services called Secure Access Service Edge. ePlus asked our team to make an explainer video about this service for potential clients. The main purpose of the explainer video is to be understandable and simple for the audience. The presentation of SASE should be interactive and short. In the video, we should visualize the process when Organizations were using Secure Access Service Edge to extend security policies and tools and empower secure connectivity from anyone, anywhere to any application, on-prem or across multiple clouds.

The solution

Inovit team produced the video using all propositions and wishes from the client. In the video, we illustrated and animated the SASE product based on ePlus information. The style of the video is isometric and minimalistic with corporate colors. The general look of the explainer video is сyber and techy as per the client's request.

If you like to make the same video for your application, product or company, our Inovit team is ready to help you with it! Contact us any time.

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