Animated Video Explainer – Security infrastructure automation

Indeni is the leader in Security Infrastructure Automation and Native Cloud Infrastructure Security. Leading enterprises trust Indeni to protect their network reliability and data security, including two of the world’s largest credit card issuers, financial auditors, government agencies, hospital networks, and many others. Our animated studio received a new video project for this global company. Our team thought that the video was done in a high-quality way with dynamic scenes and bright characters. Waiting for your opinions and propositions. Inovit studio is ready to bring to life all your marketing video ideas.

he purpose
Inovit team was advised to represent in the video that Indeni has spent 10 years using device-specific knowledge to automate the detection of issues in security infrastructure. Now in 7.0 the client's company was automating triage: when specialists detected an issue, it automatically launched an Ansible playbook to gather diagnostic and contextual information, so it’s easier than ever to fix issues when they’re small and prevent big outages. Our new client requested to have the video in 2D animation with characters that could help the audience to get more knowledge about the product.

The solution
Our Inovit specialists created the video as per the client’s order and propositions. The video is fully focused on the new benefits of the new version of Indeni 7.0. The explainer video contains the characters that make the story more colorful and entertaining for potential and new customers. The plot of the video is knowledgeable and useful for the audience. The working process and advantages of Indeni 7.0. were fully displayed in the 2D animation video according to the operational information from the client.

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