Animated Explainer Video – A.I. Driven Engagement & Conversion Tool

About the project:

What if you could capture the mood of your customers through the site? Understand their desires, interests, and needs, based on their activity on your page? All of this is possible thanks to Reactful. This application can understand digital language and draw conclusions, based on where the user clicks, swiper and at what point he needs to scroll through the tape. The program understands how much the visitor is involved in the subject of the site and, by this, reacts with the help of guidance, notifications, and other visual elements.

In this explainer animated video, we tried to show how Reactful works. The video recreates the processes that usually occur on the site and how this application can be involved in them. All animations are easy to read. We made a video on the company's color palette so that it can be easily recognized and suitable perfectly, for example, for the Reactful landing page.

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