Explainer Video – Protecting sites against malware

About the project:

If you are an owner of a digital agency, then you are probably faced with the issue of protecting your customers from hackers and cyber-attacks. It can take a lot of time and makes no sense. In this video, we want to share one life hack. Using an integrated cloud-based tool can help you to solve this problem with minimum waste of time and money. Such a method helps you to automate your business and enjoy the results.

The purpose

Our Inovit team decided to display in the video the Virusdie LLC mission that was to make it so that people can secure their websites in no time at all with a single click. Inovit specialists needed to represent the main client's vision if owners of small and medium-sized businesses deserved to spend their lives doing only what they truly love. The main idea of the explainer video was to highlight that Virusdie LLC was creating an ecosystem that would deal with a partner's website's security in just one click, without taking away complete control over it.

The solution

Inovit team of creative specialists wanted to make the video based on storytelling with a cartoonish illustration. Our main hero is the owner-pirate, who protects his island from evil hacker-sharks. You will definitely like funny animation with a simple idea and at least it will make you smile. At the same time, the voiceover quite easily explains the principle of integrated cloud-based tools and the operational work of Virusdie solution.

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