2D animated explainer video – GlengarryAI

Launched in 2020, GlengarryAI empowers companies across various industries to efficiently and effectively communicate with prospects and existing customers. Since day one, GlengarryAI's main goal has been to help businesses shed the traditional means of communication, like cold calling and direct mailing, and shift to messaging as a primary means of communication. Our Inovit team wanted to emphasise and tell a story in the explainer video that GlengarryAI' is building a next generation business communication platform to uncover opportunities for the users.

The purpose

The main idea and mission of the video should be to educate about the product, highlight the need and offer the solution. Our new client wanted to highlight that the old way of prospecting and lead generation was archaic, time consuming and inefficient. Inovit specialists needed to present in the video the benefits and solution of AI chat bot that helped automate traditional ways.

The solution

Inovit produced the video in 2D style with characters. In the video our team decided to show little storytelling. The main character is a guy who is struggling with a lead generation using the traditional tools. After our creative team showed in the story the benefits of the platform GlengarryAI and how It could simplify the work. The GlengarryAI platform is visualized in the video by the character of the robot. The video contains the colors from the corporate palette and the platform was outlined in all details.

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