2D animated explainer video – Cognize

Inovit is happy to present for you the new latest explainer video for one of our clients in the internet technology industry called Cognize. We would like to briefly explain the specialization of our new partner. Cognize specializes in AI-based processing of financial information. The company is putting the machine first with the goal of eliminating the necessity of human interaction. Cognize has successfully developed a fully automated solution to process balance sheets and income statements, commonly known as financial spreading. Currently, the company is working on Trustee Reports of Structured Credit Products, as well as invoices. The pillars of these services are secure Data Management, reliable Microservices, agile Data Science and fast Software Engineering.

The purpose

Inovit team should emphasize in the explainer video that Cognize is integrating the whole workflow of Deep Learning model development into one seamless platform and accelerating the most painful point of annotation through machine assistance.
Our experts needed to highlight the easiness of the Cognize platform in the explainer video.

The solution

Our creative Inovit team introduced the Innolytiq from Cognaize which is machine-assisted annotation. The video is done in bright pinkish colors which helps to raise the interest from the audience to get to know more about the platform and bring a cheerful mood during the video lookup. The platform visualization is done through futuristic and techno illustrations with a combination of smooth animation.

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