Explainer video – Canola seed

Check our new 2D explainer video for our client Nuseed. Nuseed is a seed company. Nuseed brings top-yielding, high quality, herbicide and disease-resistant hybrids for all three markets – oil, confection and conoil. Nuseed is also preparing to enter the North American canola market. Nuseed wanted to create a video about the Omega-3 product. Omega-3 is the first product of its kind in the company’s portfolio. Omega-3 is a canola seed that has been improved with microalgae genes to produce a land-based source of Omega-3 nutrients, which had only been available in marine sources before Nuseed innovation. The marketing video about Omega-3. The video is done in soft marine and nature colors. Our experts have displayed the entire production process of Omega-3 from Nuseed using all the information provided by the client.

The purpose

Nuseed asked our Inovit team to produce the marketing video and focus on the advantages of Omega-3 as an innovative product. The maine highlights of the product is that its needed because the ocean is the primary of DHA, and essential nutrient for human health,(mostly small fish like sardines and anchovy) but the ocean cannot sustainably provide enough DHA to meet minimum nutritional needs for an ever growing population. Company created this innovation to preserve ocean resources and improve human health.

The solution

Inovit studio made the video as per the request of the client. The explainer video was done in 2D animation. Our experts described all the stages of the Omega-3 production from Nuseed and its advantages. The video is done in natural colors with slick transitions.

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