Animated Video Explainer – Atta app

Atta is a new platform where your employees could build the unbeatable profile of their positive customer experience. Atta helps your staff to record all the great feedback they get for doing a good job and build the contact list of your customers.
Atta allows you to notify regulars while working, show a prospective new employer the performance of the staff or simply ensure recognition of the customers. The client asked our team to create the video in 2D animation with characters. Inovit displayed the platform in the video by using the visualization of UI and algorithm of the working process.

The purpose

The client requested the Inovit team to make the video with characters in 2D animation. As well they presented their vision of what our team needed to recreate in the marketing video. The main purpose of the explainer video is to present the process of the platform use from the client's side and the service provider.

The solution

Inovit team made the video script according to the Atta client comments and highlights. We came up with the decision to show a little story about the employee who is using the platform and it helps him to achieve his career goals. We visualized the process of making connections between the customers and working staff. Our specialists created the video with a friendly and positive atmosphere.

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