Animated explainer video by Inovit – love is no coincidence

About the project:

We created this video in collaboration with GenePartner.

The issue of finding or choosing a partner is very important for everyone. Someone meets in a cafe, on the street or at work. But for some, it is not clear, and he prefers social networks or dating sites. That is why the GenePartner platform was created. The site will help you to find a couple, not by hobby or musical taste, but taking into account the genetic characteristics of both people.

This video is based on storytelling. The main character, Jane, is a girl who, after failing in a relationship, comes to GenePartner. And there she finds her soul mate. Thanks to this story, we were able to create a sense of kinship. Many users recognize themselves in this girl and guy. The explainer animated video talks about the main advantages of the platform. 2D animation is unhurried, and the graphic design is simple and made in pleasant colors.

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