2D animated explainer video – ReTV Topics Compass solutions

The second video for our loyal client ReTV is ready for your review and comments. The second video is representing the Topics Compass solutions. Topics Compass is a visual analytics dashboard that allows users to navigate news stories across digital media channels, and to analyse them to identify topics that are attracting public attention.

The purpose

Inovit team should create the explainer video to show the working process of the Topics Compass. Our specialists should visualize in the video the dashboard which collected data from a wide range of online sources and enabled users to track media stories and online discussions in real time. The video style should be similar as the previous first video with the same characters.

The solution

The second video for ReTV contains the same main hero as in the first video- the guy, who is the main user of the ReTV solutions. Now he is using the -
Topics Compass that is a visual dashboard that enables to:
- Monitor news stories and online discussions;
- Analyse how these stories are being told and identify the topics that are trending;
- Compare cross-lingual data across different sources;
- Predict the stories destined to be popular in the near future.

All the benefits above were described in the video in the logical slide order with smooth original transitions. The illustration was done with the same art style touch as the first video.

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