2D animated explainer video – ReTV Trans-Vector Platform

Hey! Our Inovit team is pleased to share with you the one of the explainer videos for ReTV company about the Trans-Vector Platform (TVP). This is the first video from the video series for the ReTV company which represents its solutions. We would like to give a quick description about the Trans-Vector Platform. It is a flexible toolkit of individual software components that empowers broadcasters and media companies to continuously predict the topics of most interest to their audiences and optimize the success of their content published on multiple digital channels in terms of reach and engagement, allowing them to optimize decision-making processes in content marketing and publication scheduling. By using a modular architecture, the TVP can be easily extended, integrated into existing workflows and use synergies between systems where it makes sense.

The purpose

Our new client wanted to present the ReTV company different from the main competitors. ReTV offers solutions, or novel methods to dynamically re-purpose content for an array of media vectors. This means, use and reuse, in the best possible way, content that it's otherwise forgotten. In the explainer video Trans-Vector Platform solution should be promoted, to highlight key features of the solution and how they could help the audience in their day to day activities and purposes.

The solution

Inovit's creative team displayed in the explainer video the standalone solutions built on top of the Trans Vector Platform:
4u2 Messenger;
4u2 Smart Speaker Skill;
Topics Compass;
Content Wizard.

Our specialists emphasize that the ReTV can customize the Trans Vector Platform to fit the customer specific workflow and needs.
The explainer video produced according to the clients branded color palette with the main use of the blue shade color. The video is done in 2D animation with characters. The video slides are having the original transitions. The illustrations are very graphic and structural with a feeling of the original art.

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