2D animation video – JAK INHIBITOR

Hey,guys! Inovit is presenting the new 2D animation video for Everyday Health. Everyday Health is a resource that bridges the gap between lifestyle and medical websites by delivering trusted health information and resources along with the stories, tips, tools, and insights of the day's most influential and compelling voices, role models, and celebrities. In this video our client wanted to focus on JAK inhibitors and its advantages. JAK inhibitors are the newest to the scene, but have proven benefit in terms of reducing pain, improving function, and preventing long-term joint damage. The video animation was done in 2D style with characters, diagrams and numbers which is very informative for the audience. The professional voice over is making the video more understandable and complete.

The purpose

Everyday Health ordered the video to describe the JAK inhibitors and their advantages to reduce pain. The main purpose of the video is to show how JAK inhibitors have a therapeutic application on inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

The solution

Our creative team realized the video in 2D animation as per the request of the client. Inovit team described wellness through a humanized and personal lens that focuses on one’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and work-life in the video. The explainer video is full of diagrams and numbers to show the audience the advantages of JAK inhibitors. The video is full of characters which makes the video more alive and entertaining.

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