2D animated explainer video – billSMASH

billSMASH works directly with creditors that have receivables and debts owed to them. billSMASH is NOT a collection agency, in fact it provides a platform for collection agencies. Our Inovit team performed the explainer video for this client in 2D animation with characters. All the operational process of billSMASH was fully represented in the video by slides with the platform data and the soft transition made the video readable and structured.

The purpose

Our new client requested to show in the marketing video:
- billSMASH didn’t collect fees from consumers and would never charge consumers directly for its services;
- consumers could make offers to participating creditors and settle their debts without signing up for expensive contingent programs;
- all payments are made directly to the creditor on billSMASH platform.

The solution

All main ideas of billSMASH are highlighted in the explainer video. Our Inovit experts implement the two main characters who are presenting the working process of the platform algorithm. The platform was described through the user interface in the finalized marketing video. The video includes the billSMASH branded color palette for complete audience involvement in the product presentation.

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