2D animated explainer video – JustLight

Our Inovit team is pleased to present the latest video for our new client JustLight. JustLight's mission is to make light routine, thereby improving the way people think, work, live, and interact. The JustLight products utilize phototherapy, or "light medicine". Using either germicidal light - for sanitization, or red light - for pain relief and general health, our products can drastically improve a person's daily life.

The purpose

The owners of the JustLight company wanted to display in the marketing video that Precision light therapy is the combination of light therapy and software-enabled intelligence designed to deliver optimal treatments. The main purpose of the explainer video is to emphasize the problem that people don't understand/believe in red light therapy. JustLight partner wanted to show the audience exactly how it works and its advantages.

The solution

We presented the explainer video in 2D animation with characters. Our creative Inovit team showed in the video the main hero-the boy, who is using the red light product, and its benefits on human health. The video illustration was done in bright contrast colors according to the JustLight branded book with a simple drawn style. The video fully uncovers the advantages of phototherapy, or "light medicine".

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