Why is a good script so important?

While talking about the explainer animated video, pretty pictures immediately come to mind. But in reality, good sketches are only half the battle. The basis of a professional production will always be a script. It matters what they say and how they say it. We have compiled several reasons why the script can be considered a key detail of the explainer.


The script is very important

Explainers are so good at rendering. They explain to the viewer important things, processes in an accessible form, and he better remembers the material. But to the explainer gives a result, your animation must be supported by voice acting. The simpler and more understandable will be the audio accompaniment, the better will be your video.


The speech in the video is more important than the picture

If you briefly describe the task of the explainer it has to describe some process, concept in one minute. Image and animation are important because they enhance the effect, but the highlight is the script. If you write too sophisticated text, the viewer will not understand it and no pictures will help to correct the situation.


Brevity is the soul of wit

Sometimes it may seem to you that if you bombard the user with terminology and complex speech turns, he will feel your professionalism and will definitely choose the company. Not really. Intricate sentences and many complicated words are good in fiction or textbooks on nuclear physics. In explainers, everything should be simple and clear. Your task is to help the viewer understand the product in 60 seconds. And for this, you do not need complex words. Need simplicity and care. Imagine that you explain the essence of the process to your friend who does not understand the field. Most likely you will speak uncomplicatedly. In the same way, it is necessary to speak with the viewer. Make a script simple, clear and consistent.


To understand what the script should be like, you can watch the video on our YouTube channel. For example, Cloud Telephony. The script thought out very well. The video explains everything from smaller to larger. First, we talked about the development of phones, about their work principles at different times. And then gradually brought the user to new technology. As a result, a person will understand what is at stake and he will learn new useful information. And a good animation just complements the story.


Good script – clear script

Let’s remove the pictures and animation for a moment. Try to explain to the buyer the essence of the product only through speech. Look at the written script. If it is clear even without a visual row, then you coped. If some points are not clear, then you should think about the text again. Check your script in this way and over time you will already get it.

Think about something else. How would you explain the essence of the “Mama” movie with Bardem and Lawrence in a few sentences? If you come to the phrase: “to understand it is worth to see”, the interpreter of you is so-so. If you succeed, then there should not be a problem with a simple and understandable script for explainers.

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