What Style of Animation Is Best Suited for Your Brand?

There are all types of animation videos. How can you determine which type of illustration is best suited for your company?

There are a number of aspects to take into consideration when selecting a style of animation for your video.

You must consider brand identity, service or product type, and the tone you will take when engaging with your audience if you want to convert them. For instance, a financial institution needs a visual style that is different than a tech start-up. After these elements have been established, choosing a style of illustration for your animated video will be easier.

Be mindful of the following when selecting a style of animation for a promotional video:

The Brand

Reputations tend to be built by companies over a number of years. For the most part, their style is based on an existing corporate identity, though some may seek to revamp or rebrand their business. Its also worth remembering that each industry has values of their own, as far as brand association goes. For example, although reliability and professionalism are appreciated by the financial sector, lifestyle companies emphasize adventure and excitement. Above all else, brands have principles to determine which colors are used, as well as which taglines or visual elements recur in their marketing materials.

Brand books are usually the launching pad for determining the style of illustration for a video. Bringing a book like this to an animator is a worthwhile tactic since you’ll be helping them select a suitable visual foundation for your animated video.

The Product

Each product includes several visual expectations ranging from specific colors to whole images. For instance, a health insurance plan or investment service might conjure colors like green or blue, since they instill trust and suggest a reliable nature. The video’s aesthetics can develop an intended product association. For instance, a service/product from a mundane or conservative industry can be rendered to make it more modern and exciting.

Lifestyle or fashion products aimed at a younger market generally use intense and dynamic imagery in order to articulate a feeling of excitement and energy. One example of a brand that uses this tactic is Coca-Cola. The company’s trademark red color is what dominates this particular promo video, particularly its visual landscape. The alluring animation is integrated with a number of visual cues, like Coke bottles with easy-to-see logos, resulting in a message imprinted in red.

The Audience

Lastly, when choosing what kind of style to use for your video, look at who your market is. Whether they are B2B (businesses) or B2C (consumers), your audience will dictate the tone and character of the animated video.

Animation should be your brand’s driving power.

With all of this in mind, don’t forget that these aspects are merely guidelines. They aren’t rules set in stone to abide by.


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