2D Animated Video Explainer – Fusion Satellite Features

New 2D animation video about the FreeWave platform is presented by Inovit and ready for your comments and feedback. FreeWave is a multi-radio edge compute platform with gateways, edge data analytics, and applications.
Our new client is an established leader in edge intelligent radios and solutions for nearly 30 years and recently expanding our products and solutions, expanding in small satellite connectivity and also offering turn-key fully integrated, plug and play IIoT solutions to the market quickly and cost-effectively. FreeWave Technology offers the full solution: connectivity, edge computing, sensors and dashboard analytics.

The purpose

The explainer video should present one of the FreeWave products called Fusion Satellite IIoT Gateway. The client wanted to describe the full benefits of the product in the video referring to the official FreeWave manual and product presentation. FreeWave management asked our team to make a big effort in video creation in a colorful, fun and informative way.

The solution

The video is performed according to all clients needs and orders. The video contains all information about Fusion Satellite IIoT Gateway product. The video shows the full presentation and benefits of the product. FreeWave Technologies was presented as the answer to advanced global connectivity for unserved regions at a cost that makes sense for business.
To make the video more lively and bright our Inovit teams used the light colored illustrations. The main character helps the audience to get full and structured information about Fusion Satellite IIoT Gateway.

The Inovit team hopes that you enjoyed watching our new video project for our trusted client FreeWave.

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